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Original mixed media


“From Filth to Fine China” series (Angie Meche Kilcullen)


This series is inspired by a young woman I know who recently traveled with a group to Tijuana, Mexico to minister to the poorest of the poor in the garbage dumps. 


One night of every mission trip is devoted to hosting the residents of the garbage dump to a fancy outdoor meal (in the dumps area) that the volunteers set up with tables, chairs, linen, fine china, flowers and wonderful food. After the meal they allow the locals to keep the china, flowers, silverware, etc for themselves. A gentle reminder that we are all deserving of beautiful things in life no matter the circumstances.


I began touching upon the theme and ideas of inner beauty/worthiness, glorification of all and a belief that we are ALL beautifully created glorious children of God despite what we may look like on the outside.


The pieces themselves are made from simple clay from the earth and all found/donated/discarded items that have been reinvented into something glorious. 


~Dimensions are 7 inches diameter x 4 inches

~Price includes FREE shipping in the US only. Please inquire for shipping on all non-US orders.

~All sales are final. After sale, purchaser is the sole owner of the artwork, however, the Artist retains all rights to the image for re-printing/reproduction purposes.

Dine With Me

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