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Original mixed media. Part of my "Spiritual Bouquets" series.


"Spiritual Bouquets" Statement(Angie Meche Kilcullen)

I began this series late 2020 as I spiritually, mentally and physically prepared to undergo transplant surgery as a kidney donor for my older brother. My inspiration for the series like wise stems from devotional acts and prayers in some churches that are offered on behalf of someone and their intentions. These spiritual gifts are usually noted on a card of some sort and sent to the recipient.


These "Spiritual Bouquets" are a visual response to the everyday phrases that we say to others (or others say to us) in times of difficulty and need. Phrases such as,  "I'll keep you in my prayers", "You're in my thoughts", "Sending you hugs and positive vibes", etc. My brother and I were hearing a lot of these comments form friends, family, strangers. It mattered to us greatly.


While my faith is very important to me, these works are not religious per se...I deem them more spiritual as well as humanistic. This series explores my belief in the power of collective prayers, positive actions, small gestures, as well as big acts of kindness. These "bouquets" are offered to all who are in need of love, support, friendship, healing, hope, courage and so much more. I offer these bouquets to ALL and hope that they bring joy and hope in the midst of suffering, confusion, loneliness, fear, hopelessness, heartache.


The bouquets are created entirely from recycled items that are either thrifted or gifted to me by friends/neighbors. The creative process of arranging the bouquets, using only discarded items further reflects my intent to confront and present disparate items in a cohesive and visually appealing way. 


The intention is to draw the viewer in and remind us of our essential beauty even in the midst of brokenness, damage, and unworthiness. The bouquets are both a visual reminder of our innate beauty and an overall call to action that COLLECTIVELY, we are stronger when bound together in word, deed, prayer, friendship.


~Dimensions are 6 x 6 inches

~Price includes FREE shipping in the US only. Please inquire for shipping on all non-US orders.

~All sales are final. After sale, purchaser is the sole owner of the artwork, however, the Artist retains all rights to the image for re-printing/reproduction purposes.


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